Dental Insurance - Explained

Provide another Layer of Protection for Your Employees with Group Vision and Group Dental Insurance Plans.

If you provide group health benefits to your employees and want to add an another layer of protection with dental and vision, or if you are looking to start you benefit package with just dental and vision, CBIS Insurance Services can provide a multitude of options for you.
Having access to preventative care, helping to maximize their oral health and lower out of pocket costs can be extremely helpful for employees. Additionally, employees will have access to a wide selection of providers offering various services to cover basic & major procedures. In addition to all the added benefits, you are also providing an incentive for your employees to feel positive about their job.
Having access to group vision insurance can be extremely affordable and a great value add for employers to provide their employees. With most options available your employees will gain access to annual eye exams, as well as an allowance for glasses and or contact lenses, as well as access to a variety of optometrists and ophthalmologists at a relative low cost. Vision insurance is an exceptional low-cost option, where employees can get a lot of benefit for a small amount of premium.
CBIS Insurance, would be happy to help you provide your employees access to either group dental benefits, group vision benefits or both.  Keep in mind that plans can also be setup as voluntary where the employees benefit from having a “group” rate but premiums are paid completely by the employees without any cost to the employer.

There are different kinds of Group Dental Insurance Options are Available:

  • Dental HMO Plans- These plans have no deductible and no charge for diagnostics and preventive services. We also have orthodontia benefits for adults and children.
  • Dental PPO Plans- Employees will have access to a nationwide dental network. No waiting periods so employees have access to benefits on the first day of coverage. You can design the plan with low annual deductibles and calendar year maximums.
  • Contributory- Where the Employer pays a portion of the cost for the employees
  • Non-Contributory- Where the Employer helps administer the plan by collecting and paying premiums but does not contribute to the plan keeping the Employer’s cost at $0.

There are different kinds Group Vision Insurance Options are Available:

Vision plans tend to be very similar and offer a lot of flexibility, you can create your plan to include benefits such as:
  • Eye exams with $0 co-payment
  • Customizable frame, lenses and polycarbonate lenses allowance
  • You get to customize the allowance – $120, $130 or $150
  • Voluntary vision plans, with no cost to your business are available.

Group Dental and Group Vision Insurance Coverage- The Benefits Of Having The Right Plan

These are just some of the benefits that your business can get once you invest in the right group dental and vision insurance plan:
  • Tax benefits for your business and employees. Most expenses an employer incurs related to group benefits for their employees are 100% tax deductible. For your employees, they can opt to use pre-tax money for vision and dental coverage.
  • Benefits play a big role when trying to recruit top talent and keeping it. A good group dental and vision insurance plan will help you get an edge over your competition. Better employment recruitment and retention.
  • Healthy and happy employees. Group dental and vision insurance not only provides coverage in the event of an emergency, but also provides preventative care, leading to happier and healthier employees.

Why CBIS Insurance agency?

Here are the reasons why you should trust CBIS with your group vision and dental insurance coverage:
  • We maintain a broad access to some of the best insurance carriers in the nation. We will help you customize your group dental and group vision benefits to fit the needs of your business and employees.
  • Our team of experts will be your consultants, providing you with the tools necessary to improve your benefits program and ensure you are compliant.
  • Our team will negotiate on your behalf with multiple carriers to ensure you have the best benefits possible at the most affordable price, depending on your budget and your needs.
  • We will help with the management of your Open Enrollment and ensure all employees have the necessary information to opt in or out of the group dental and/or vision benefits you are offering.
  • Our knowledgeable insurance experts will answer all your questions and guide you through the complicated world of group benefits, ensuring you have an understanding of every decision made throughout the whole process.

Mid-Size & Group Insurance

These policies are normally through an employer or association and offer coverage to all eligible persons within the group. After the Affordable Care Act came into being, important reforms targeting plan quality and employee costs were introduced.

Enrolment in group plans was made easier, and because of the pre-tax funding of premiums such plans are cheaper than taking out individual health insurance. There can be multiple plan choices offered, and groups can use their size to negotiate better benefits for life insurance, vision and dental care, as well as long-term and short-term disability insurance.

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Insurance Forms and Applications

As with all things medical involving insurance, the forms and applications are necessarily complicated and involved. It is important to get expert advice when filling these in as an error could result in you not being able to claim the benefit to which you’re entitled. Make sure that the insurance company that you deal with has a good support system which allows you to ask questions and query problems you may encounter with the administration.
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Medicare Supplements

Medicare is limited in its scope. With an ageing population and massive funding issues Medicare tries to cover hospital insurance, outpatient coverage, and prescription coverage. There are huge gaps in the coverage – copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, medical expenses incurred travelling outside of the United States – are amongst the things which are not covered. “Medigap,” as it is known, is designed to fill these deficiencies in your cover.
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Dental insurance is often covered together with vision insurance in a single plan. Both of these are separate from normal medical insurance. These plans cover emergency care and maintenance – most do not cover cosmetic surgery.

The deductibles on dental insurance can be expensive. It is entirely dependent on the premiums that are paid and there are benefit caps and no limits to your out-of-pocket costs for adult dental care.Paediatric dental care is treated far more sympathetically with limited out-of-pocket costs and unlimited insurance benefits.

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Short-Term insurance

Short-term insurance is used for the millions of people caught in the coverage gap, who have incomes that are too high for subsidies or who missed open enrolment. Do be aware that there are 10 states which do not allow short-term plans.

This insurance can be used in the 14 states who have not accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, and by people whose household incomes fall under the federal poverty level. If you’re premium is unaffordable and you don’t get premium subsidies you should consider a short-term health insurance plan.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important policies for families and businesses alike. Having your main breadwinner taken from you leaves an immense financial burden which life insurance addresses.

There are many forms of life insurance from fixed term policies, through to whole of life insurance and many variations in between. There are also critical illness policies which pay out the life insurance before death in the event of a fatal illness being diagnosed.

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Small Group Insurance

As the name suggests, these are insurance policies taken out by small groups of individuals to take advantage of the reduction in overall risks, benefits and deductibles. these policies are usually geared towards businesses with 100 or fewer full-time employees.

Often, small group insurance is far more affordable than the equivalent individual policy. This is because the insurance company can negotiate better rates with hospitals, clinicians and other services. There are also legal limits set for premiums – for example premiums for older employees cannot be more than three times those for younger employees.

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Individual health insurance

Not everybody has health coverage through their job. This is where buying individual health insurance comes in. Individual health insurance is coverage that you purchase on your own, on an individual or family basis, as opposed to obtaining through an employer. Individual health insurance can be purchased through the exchange, or off-exchange (directly from the health insurance carrier). If you’re a young adult of 26 years of age or older, unemployed, a part-time employee, or self-employed – even retired – individual health insurance is essential. Even a broken bone can have serious consequences on your finances. You need to have at least the bare minimum cover for accidents, or long-term illness If you are ready to start reviewing options please click the link below if you would like to know more we have provided additional information below:
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